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A Peaceful Realm

I would like to invite you to find a quiet space.
A pleasant space where you will not be disturbed.

And lay down with a blanket if necessary.

And make yourself warm and comfortable.

I am going to gently lead you to a very peaceful quiet and soothing realm where sleep can overtake you seamlessly.

…from wakefulness

This Beditation will relax your body. Your mind and your spirit.

Allowing you to serenely drift off to a deep and refreshing relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Let us start with your breath.

Put your attention softly on your breath and the feeling of the air moving into and out of your lungs.

Become aware of your chest expanding and Contracting with each slow deep and smooth Breath You Take.

When you breathe in

notice the movement when your lungs are full and you gently switch from breathing in to breathing out.

Do this with me…

breathe in…

and now breathe out.

once again breathe in…

and now breathe out.

Keep doing this evenly and smoothly.

Watching your chest rise and fall in your mind and feelings.


…put your attention to your body as you breathe deeply and smoothly.

Are you completely comfortable?

If there is any uncomfortable place adjust yourself gently till it is relaxed and breathe deeply into that place, while keeping your smooth regular and deep breathing

Move your attention to each part of your body.

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