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An Eternity of Now

The time to rush… dash… stress… do… see… act is – for the moment completely gone.

We are in the present – the now where there is no future.

No past. No history. No memory. No purpose. No goals. Nothing what so ever to accomplish.

Nowhere at all to travel to.

No one to meet.
No tasks to be finished. No meetings. No discussions. No appointment.



Not even time exists in this very moment. For time is a measure of moments in the past or into the future. All time for this Beditation is now.

Only the present moment, when it passes, it is gone. It never existed and there is no moment coming.

There is instead an eternity and Infinity of now.

With every tick we can realize that the clock ticking is meaningless.

It tells us nothing. Nothing about time.

For time, in essence does not exist.

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