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Hello again.

I am happy to be with you again today to enjoy together one of the simplest and most basic things that all living things share to breathe.

Breathing is automatic for us and from our first breath as a newborn baby till our last breath at the end of our Lives. We breathe constantly and hardly ever notice it today in this vegetation. We will take time to pause and watch our breath

To really pay attention to this process. We do each and every minute of Our Lives.

Let’s start by getting very comfortable. You may sit. However you like leaning on a pillow or even laying on your back with your eyes closed.

Now get very still and quiet pay attention to your body and try to relax into the pillow or floor wherever you are resting stopping all movements wiggles or nervous energy that you may have.

I feel like you are an ice cream cone and the ice cream is slowly melting and the liquid cream is running down the sides of your cone flowing slowly taking all the nervous energy with it as it melts away.

Now start to notice the movements in your quiet still body that keep going even though you are doing very good at being still you start to hear your heartbeat. And of course your chest still rises and falls with your breathing.

In and Out In and Out join with your breathing and pay attention as you breathe in and breathe out

Keeping your mouth gently closed and breathing now through your nose pretend that the air has a color misty blue or hazy green and that you can see the air flowing into your nose as it is drawn into your lungs breathe in.

And then watch it flow out of your nose. Maybe now a different color. Perhaps a foggy yellow or warm transparent red breathe out.

What we are doing now is a very old meditation technique called the personal meditation. It is from India and it is all about watching this very simple process of breathing in and breathing out something we do every minute every day every year while we are alive.


Keep breathing and seeing your breath as a misty color going in and out of your nose traveling down into your chest and then traveling back up and out again.

Breathe slowly and deeply clearing your mind of anything else thinking only about watching your colorful breath.

Moving in and out in and out breathe in.

And breathe out.

breathe in

and breathe out. Now as you continue to see this lovely colored are moving in and out of your nose take notice of your chest and belly take a deep deep but gentle breath and watch how your chest and belly rise as your diaphragm the muscle.

That helps you breathe moves down into your belly causing it to rise and then fall as you breathe out. You have been pretending to watch your breath at your nose where the colorful are has been going in and out.

Move that Focus watching instead how your belly Rises and falls with your breaths and imagine that you can see your chest and belly gently changing color as the misty blue or hazy green are draws deeply into your lungs breathe in.

And breathe out.

Watch your breath now at your belly your stomach Rises when you breathe in and your tummy Falls when you breathe out.

Watch that again with another deep gentle breath feel. How relaxed do you have become just watching how you breathe.

How the warm colors have been moving in and out of your nose into your lungs and lifting your belly. And then how each time you breathe out the colors gently leave your lungs and no is taking stress tension and nervous energy with them breathe in.

And breathe out.

And as you watch your breath paying attention to each inhale and exhale you find yourself calm quiet peaceful and open breathe in.

breathe in

and breathe out.

Calm quiet peaceful and open breathe in and breathe out.

Calm quiet peaceful and open breathe in.

Breathe out.

Calm quiet peaceful and open breathing.

And breathe out.

Calm quiet peaceful and open breathing.

Breathe out.