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Cultivate your intentions

Unlike any time in history, people are looking for healthy habits and ways to reduce stress in their lives. Since most people begin their day in a stressed state. Waking abruptly to a jarring, unpleasant alarm is the wrong kind of energy. All you’ll feel is the urge to hit snooze and create exhaustion. At Beditations, we believe that nobody should have to wake up feeling sleepy or anxious before you even get out of bed.

To wake up ready for the day; it’s essential to look at sleep quality, bedtime routines, and your wake-up routine. As you may be aware, meditation is known for its calming attributes at any time of day; however, here are some compelling reasons to incorporate morning meditation into your routine:

1. It sets the tone for the day. Rather than hitting that snooze button or picking up your phone to read headlines, morning meditation will help you focus, feel more content, and be optimistic.

2. Stop the racing mind before it starts. Our minds are marvelous; however, thoughts start jumping all over the place. By meditating, our brains slow down as we focus on our breathing, slowly becoming aware of our thoughts and breaking any negative thought patterns that may have become a habit. Meditation also helps you find the overall picture by providing the mind a break from all the chaos and details.

3. A healthier, calmer way of being. Many studies, throughout time, provide the support that meditation effectively eases stress levels. Our lives are so busy that we rarely spend any time alone, and even rarer to spend regular amounts of time doing so. Studies show that the parasympathetic nervous system is activated during meditation, which slows your heart rate, slows your breathing, improves blood flow, and may boost your immune system.

The best part is, adding meditation to any routine is easy, only takes a few minutes, and can be done nearly anywhere. Whether you are guided by an app or after learning a focus-attention or open-monitoring meditation, a few minutes really can make a difference!

Start a better wake up routine and to enjoy the benefits of meditation with Beditations for your iPhone or iPad tonight. It’s easy to install the app, select your sleep mediation to lull you off to slumber, and choose your wake meditation and the time you want to wake up peacefully.