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Experiences of happiness

Achieving the natural relaxation response is not a difficult process, but it does take time and practice.

Set aside a specific time each day to meditate and relax, and stick to that routine as much as possible. Starting a daily meditation routine can help relieve stress and lead to a better life!

Let’s begin by getting in a comfortable position. Take the proper time to ensure that your body can fully relax and stay comfortable for any length of time.

Now, begin to breathe deeply…

…and let it out slowly.

Repeat these deep breaths several more times, inhaling in through the nose…

…and exhaling fully through the mouth.

Pay particular attention to the physical sensation of each breath as it enters your nostrils…

…passes through your throat…

…fills your lungs…

…and spreads throughout your entire body.

Try to notice these sensations as you exhale each deep breath as well.

Next, begin to focus your thoughts on experiences that bring you happiness. These experiences will be different for everyone, so take the proper time to focus deeply on a particularly joyful experience, whatever it may be.

Now take a moment to survey your body.

Allow your feeling of joy to increase, letting that warmth spread through your entire being.

Continue to be aware of your body, your mind, and your heart as these positive emotions grow.

Feel your abdomen relax as you take each new breath deep into the belly.

Now it is time to exhale all feelings of negativity. With every breath you expel from your body, send with it all negative energy that remains.

Every new breath is a cleansing ritual; a new opportunity to inhale the world’s beauty, and exhale all of the residual stress that hinders your well-being.

As you continue these deep, cleansing breaths, expand your focus to include all of your life’s sources of joy.

Allow yourself to sink ever so deeply into the experience of appreciation and gladness.

As you think about the emotion of thankfulness, feel each breath as it carries new, joyous feelings into the body.

For a moment, reflect on some wonderful things you have in life.

If negative feelings arise, slowly exhale them from the body. Focus your attention on being grateful and think of all of the ways that gratitude can be offered freely to the world.

Maybe you appreciate something small, like the helpfulness or generosity that others have extended to you before.

The very air you breathe is an embodiment of that helpfulness and generosity. Breathe it in deeply, allowing it to weave into the fabric of your entire being.

Have no desire for anything other than what you have right now; a deep and unshakeable sense of well-being and contentment.

If unpleasant sensations arise, it is okay to acknowledge them. Simply continue to breathe deeply and keep them in a space that allows you to recognize that everything is still okay.

Continue breathing as you go.

Continue to breathe in the enjoyment and pleasure that you are focusing on.

Be content and mindful of each simple breath and feel this sense of tenderness expand throughout your body, sinking deeply as you recognize fulfillment and well-being.

Allow yourself to be immersed in peace without any feelings of stress or struggle.

You have no need for anything but the present moment.

Let each beautiful moment become part of you.

Now, as you open your eyes and return to life’s routine, remember that you can carry this type of peace with you at all times. Simply turn your focus to each wonderful breath and immerse yourself in the beauty and positivity that always surrounds you.