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Inner World of Silence

Listen to the Stillness inside.

Move from the world of sounds to an inner world of Silence.

I invite you to find a quiet space far away from the sounds of people and noises of the modern world.

If you must use earplugs to help give you the quiet space you will need for this Beditation.

This journey into sound and soundlessness we are about to take.

Your hearing is the first of your senses to awake from sleep.

But it is also the last sense to leave you when going to sleep.

We will put our attention on our hearing and find that we can still find silence inside.

No matter what sounds may come past our peaceful repose.

Please make yourself very calm and comfortable.

In a space where there is very little or hopefully no outside noises.

Lay still and quiet.

Making sure you are totally relaxed and your body is very very comfortable and calm.

Now Focus your attention on your hearing.

And notice that there are a very few sounds coming to your ears.

The quiet is warm and soothing.

Deep and silent

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