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Learn to direct your thoughts

When it comes to thinking about the future, you have a choice to make. You can choose to believe that the best possible outcome is not only feasible but inevitable, or you can choose to dwell on what could go wrong.

This Beditation is all about learning to focus on how well things could turn out as opposed to how they could unravel or cause you stress. When you learn to direct your thoughts about the future and choose to believe that things will work out, you will start to experience more joy and contentment in your day to day life. Your skills and work ethic are important, but your attitude will make a tremendous difference.
Change your attitude and you will change your entire life.

Contemplate this as you lay in bed and assume a position that is comfortable for you.

Refrain from concentrating; let your mind go soft.

Imagine yourself in tune with the awareness of breathing in your body.

Nothing more.
One moment.
Then the next.
Breathe in.
Then breathe out.
Just feel your life unfold in this moment.
Be present here and now.

If you tend to feel low or negative much of the time, you need to realize the value of adopting a more optimistic outlook.
This may not feel natural at first, but over time you can train your mind to look at life in a new way.
Only a small leap of faith is needed because within a few days you will obtain first-hand evidence of how much of a difference a new attitude can make.
Imagine yourself as a brave explorer setting off onto a journey into a new land, full of hope along with trepidation.
Picture this new place as being full of sunshine, warmth and opportunity.
This could take the form of a tranquil rainforest, deserted beach, or another imaginary place you find inspiring and exciting.

Be assured that you will never have to let go of your common sense.
You can learn to see the positives in every situation and choose to view life in an optimistic manner whilst still taking sensible precautions.
No-one would deny that it is a good idea to prepare for disaster and have a contingency plan to hand, but there is no reason to let your worries about the future rule your life.

Think about a current situation that is worrying you.
Do you have a plan you can draw on should the worst happen? Imagine placing that plan in an envelope and slipping it into your back pocket or shoulder bag.
You can now feel safe knowing that you have prepared for the future.

Once you have put your backup plan in place, there is no logical reason to continue worrying about what may or may not happen in days to come.
Imagine that you are holding your worries as a bunch of balloons on a piece of string.
Breathe slowly and deeply as you imagine these balloons fluttering in the breeze before breaking free from your hand and spiraling up and away into the sky, never to be seen again.

Feel the joy and peace spread through your body as you tell yourself that you no longer need to carry these concerns.

Sometimes we get stuck in a negative rut and cannot even envisage what it would be like to have everything go to plan.
We have trained our minds to anticipate only the worst, and dare not hope for the best.
This is a habit you have the power to break.
Start by imagining a relatively relaxed or low-key upcoming event that you would nevertheless hope goes well, such as a small birthday party for a friend or relative.
Take a few minutes to imagine that everything is going exactly according to plan.
If your mind drifts to what could go wrong, notice this but then gently bring your focus back to your positive mental imagery.
Picture yourself after the event, feeling happy that everyone had a good time and knowing that the day will become a treasured memory.

By using your conscious mind in this way, you are also instructing your subconscious mind to help you approach life with a more positive attitude.
Undertaking this visualization on a regular basis will soon help you adopt a brighter outlook with little conscious effort.
Your mind and attitude are yours to shape as you see fit.
You know that thoughts are powerful and you possess the ability to shape your life.
Allow yourself to feel uplifted and inspired by the possibility of a more fulfilling, joyful life.
Remember too that this positive energy will affect other people too.
Your personal happiness is not a selfish quest.

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