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Live your life without fear

The uncertain nature of life is both a blessing and a curse.
This Beditation is about coming to terms with the uncertainty we must all face in our lives. We do not have a choice when it comes to uncertainty. Unforeseen events will strike, and we must be ready to change our plans.
However, we can choose to approach life with a sense of appreciation for the possibilities that may be waiting just around the corner. Some individuals actively decide to live a lifestyle full of uncertainty. You don’t have to change your personality, but making peace with uncertainty will allow you to live your life without fear.

Contemplate this while getting in a comfortable position. Take the proper time to ensure that your body can fully relax and stay comfortable for any length of time.

Breathe in…
…and out .
Each time you become aware of yourself, relax your body and return your awareness to your breath.

Consider your breath softly as it rises and falls.

Take a moment to rest in your breath.

Think back to your childhood.
Recall a time when you waiting for a surprise and were so excited about what was going to happen the next day.

Perhaps you can recall a night before an important birthday or other holidays.
Remember how it felt as pleasurable anticipation flowed through your body.
Picture yourself back in that time, curled up in bed wishing that the hours would fly by so you could get up and have a fantastic day.
Back then, you were happy to be living with uncertainty.
If you thought about it, you could have looked for all the possible things that could have gone wrong, but you didn’t – instead, you focused on what was going to go right, and how much you were going to enjoy the uncertainty that awaited you.

You can reclaim that childlike aspect of yourself.
You can choose to make friends with uncertainty.
Instead of worrying about what may happen, you can remind yourself that life is a dynamic collection of positive and negative events.
Even when you are faced with a problem, good times are seldom far away.
This is especially true when you task yourself with seeking out fun and pleasure in every day or even mundane situations.
Think about all the small things that have made you happy over the past twenty-four hours.
The smell of freshly-cut grass, a hot cup of coffee, a relaxing shower.
Anchoring yourself with gratitude and appreciation is a buffer when the uncertainty of life hits us.

We can take steps to prepare for the worst in life, but you know as well as anybody that both our major disasters and nicest surprises are often unforeseen.
Take a moment to reflect upon the last time something significant went wrong in your life.
You may have been able to prevent or prepare for it, but in all likelihood, it caught you off-guard.
It can be hard to accept that you are going to be faced with more surprises in the future but something magical happens when you accept that this how life has is and how it will always be.
You can start to better appreciate the nice surprises that life throws your way.

Think about something positive that has happened in your life recently.
Did you plan for this event to occur or for a particular person to come along? Whilst careful planning and using our intention in a constructive way can hasten happy events, many of life’s twists and turns come as complete surprises.

If you are uncomfortable with uncertainty, imagine how your life would be different if you were at peace with the idea that life can change at any time.

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