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Lucid Dreaming

Meditative practices are all different paths leading to the same place. Tonight, we’re going to breathe and relax your way through a whole new dream world.

As a key exercise in the mastery of meditation, repetition will best produce your desired results. Daily, weekly, monthly, as you listen to guided meditations, you will find that repetition brings a sense of peace and security.

We’re going to drift to sleep consciously, and set an intention to dream in a focused state.

Contemplate this as you lay in bed and assume a position that is comfortable for you.

Refrain from concentrating; let your mind go soft.

Imagine yourself in tune with the awareness of breathing in your body.

Nothing more.

One moment.

Then the next.

Breathe in.

Then breathe out.

Just feel your life unfold in this moment. Be present here and now.

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