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Motivation: foundation of achievement

We get the most out of life when we can tap into our motivation. Motivation is the foundation of achievement. The great news is that you can cultivate it whenever you wish.

This Beditation will help you recall feelings of motivation and drive. This will allow you to power through each day and reach your goals.

Think back to a time when your motivation was high.

Remember what it felt like to have that excitement surging through your body. As you think back to that time, you can feel that zest and energy filling your heart and mind.

Take the proper time to ensure that your body can fully relax and stay comfortable for any length of time.

As you do this picture exactly what you were doing during when your motivation and energy was high. How did you hold yourself? What was the expression on your face? Were you laughing, smiling, sitting or standing up straight? How did you talk to others?

Feel the lightness in your body as you recall what it is like to be full of determination and ready to face the world. Imagine that those same feelings are accessible to you right now.

Contemplate this while getting in a comfortable position.

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