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Path to a Happier Self

Happiness is the uncovering of what you already have.

You have all you need for happiness right now.

You don’t need to change anything about yourself or your life.

You just need to see what’s already there.

This meditation will focus on a few ways to bring happiness into your life.

Contemplate this will getting into a comfortable position take the proper time to ensure that your body can fully relax and stay comfortable for any length of time.

We’re going to inhale through the nose.

And exhale through the mouth.



As you exhale… relax.


…Exhale any tension

Inhale calmly

…and as you exhale, just let go of all the stress in your body.

We have a human need to be closed and to be intimate with other human beings.

Having supportive friendships strong relationships or close and loving connections with our family members will make us much more likely to be happy.

Take time tomorrow to spend time with your loved ones to tell them what they mean to you to listen to them and develop your relationship.

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