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Prepare for the Day

Let us begin this day together.

Enjoy this peaceful moment before jumping out of bed.

Ease your body into a comfortable position.

You may feel stress in some parts of your body, perhaps from a difficult dream or sleeping position.

Take a deep fresh breath and fill that area with life.
Slowly Exhale any negative feelings.

It’s a brand new day and we’re going to begin with a moment of silence.
Thinking only about this moment… right now.
Listening to my words and being fully present in this current time.

Breathing slowly.

Feeling gratitude towards the opportunity to be alive.

You create your future with each thought.

Each time you think, you’re are adding to the structure of your future.
Do not worry about your past thoughts… what you have thought of each time you wake up in the morning.

What is important, is what you choose to think now! Let’s go ahead and empty ourselves of anxiety, punishment, anger, resentment and guilt.

Pour out old jealousy and sadness.

You don’t need those thoughts to create this new day – it’s a new beginning.

Fill your body with life and new strength as you breathe in the air.