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Relaxation Meditation

Hello and welcome to your relaxation Beditation….

Everybody gets a little exhausted or emotional at times
So it is important to take some time out, to relax now and then
Just like some toys need new batteries when they go flat, people need relaxation!

This is why relaxation Beditations are so good! 

They help you relax your body as well as calm those busy thoughts in your mind.

So, before we begin this meditation, take a few moments to make yourself as comfortable as possible in your position…

You might like to be seated or laying down…

Either is ok, just as long as you are comfortable….

Then, when you feel ready, gently closing your eyes…

Place one of your hands on your belly, so that you can feel the way it rises and falls with each breath, in and out…

It’s a lot like a balloon being blown up with air, then released again
Notice how it expands as you breathe in…. Filling up with air
Then relaxes back down again as you breathe out…. Letting all the air out…

You don’t need to force your belly to move, just relax and feel the way in gently rises and falls without any effort.

It’s a comfortable feeling
Rhythmic and gentle….

Notice how the rest of your body is also relaxing…..

As though each time you breathe out… You are letting go of all the tension and worries of the day…

Allowing them to melt away with the breath…

Leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed….

Let’s take 5 slow, deep breaths in and out…

And each time you breathe out, you can focus on relaxing a different part of your body

Breathing in 1… Feel your belly slowly expanding
Breathing out 1… Allowing your arms to become loose and relaxed…

Notice them becoming floppy and heavy with relaxation

Breathing in 2…. Feel your belly as it gently rises
Breathing out 2…. Allowing your shoulders to relax
Notice them softening and settling

Breathing in 3…. Gently filling your belly once more….

Breathing out 3….. Feel your legs becoming heavy with relaxation
Even your feet and your toes feel relaxed

Breathing in 4…… Expanding your belly with a slow deep breath…

Breathing out 4….. Allow the expression on your face to become soft and relaxed…

Even your tongue becomes relaxed in your mouth

Breathing in 5…. Feel your belly gently expanding like a balloon….

Breathing out 5… Relaxing any remaining places of tension
So that your whole body feels soft and relaxed…

Feeling completely comfortable…. Completely relaxed…

It’s a nice feeling, allowing your body to relax with the breath…

When you focus on your breathing, you can relax your body, but you can also help relax the busy thoughts of your mind as well!

Let’s try this now
Think of any worries or fears that may have been playing in your mind…

Then, taking a slow deep breath in
And then breath with a soft sigh
Letting go of those thoughts or worries….

Imagine them being taken away with the air as you breathe out

Let’s try this again…

Taking another slow, deep breath in
Releasing the breath out with a sigh, letting go of any worries you may have
Blowing them away
Leaving your mind feeling calmer and more relaxed

Let’s practice this once more
Taking a slow, deep breath in
And releasing out any remaining worries or thoughts that had been playing on your mind…

Allowing them to float away with the breath…

Leaving you feeling completely calm and relaxed…

Completely safe

Have you ever noticed the amazing sound of your breathing?

Try listening to it now….

Can you hear the difference in sound, from when you breathe in….. To when you breathe out?

Like the soft whoosh of the wind, rustling the leaves of a faraway tree
Blowing one way…. Then changing directions and blowing the other way
It is a very calming sound….

The sound of your breath flowing in and out….Like a gentle wind blowing through the leaves of a tree….

Soft and rhythmic

Without trying to force your breath, see if you can breathe in for the same amount of time as you breathe out
So that each breath in and out is even

Let’s try this now
Breathing in … 1….2….

Breathing out….1….2….

Breathing in….1….2….

Breathing out….1….2….

Keep breathing like this
Remember that you don’t need to force the breath
If it feels uncomfortable…. You can make each breath a little shorter or longer
Whatever is most comfortable for you…

Just slowing the breath into a calming flow…In…. and out

Begin to imagine that your body is a balloon…

What color would it be?

Red, yellow, blue, green? – It can be any color you like!

Start to imagine as though each time you breathe in, your whole body expands to twice your size….Like a balloon being filled up with air
Then each time you breathe out, imagine your whole body shrinking back down to half your size!

As though all the air is being released from the balloon
Keep practicing this…

Imagining your whole body expanding to twice its size as you breathe in…

The slowly shrinking back down, as you breathe out

Each time you breathe in, you are expanding
Then each time you breathe out, you are getting smaller…

Like a brightly colored balloon….

Expanding and shrinking with each breath in and out
It’s a comfortable feeling, soft and gentle…

In time with each breath
Your whole body feels completely relaxed…

Relax this image of your body as a balloon…

And allow yourself to enjoy this feeling of relaxation….

Then when you feel ready, take one last slow, deep breath in…. And release it out with a loud sigh
Opening your eyes
You might like to have a nice stretch, to wake your body up….


Now you are ready to enjoy the rest of your day!