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Silence Worrying

Worrying is a habit that can be detrimental to one’s genuine feelings of serenity.

Luckily, the act of reflection can directly affect your mental state.

When we calm your body, your thoughts will soon follow.

To begin, find a quiet location where you can relax your body.

Take a few moments to find a position where your body can stay comfortable for any length of time.

Remember, the longer you can remain comfortable, the more likely you will be to stay mindful and in the present moment.

Once comfortable, close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breath.

Concentrate on the sensation of breathing deeply in and out. Notice the sensation of your belly rising with each inhaled breath…

…and falling with each exhaled breath.

Take a moment here to steady your mind.

Be aware of the breath as it comes and goes. Just sitting, breathing, being…

As you breathe deeply and begin to relax your body and your mind, you will feel an increased foundation of security and strength.

Reflection can unwind and limit the impacts of worrying and uneasiness.

It will enhance your intellectual capacity, including the mind’s ability for critical thinking.

Lucidity of thought, self-learning and enthusiastic separation are advantages of contemplation.