Sleep is a natural process

Lay in bed and assume a position that is comfortable for you. Refrain from concentrating; let your mind go soft. You do not need to listen intently to these words. Simply let them wash over you like air around your body. You need not grope around for them.

Let go of your thoughts. Let go of stress. Let go, relax, and simply be. You need not do anything.

Additionally, let go of the ‘need’ to fall asleep. Think about how it’s okay to be awake in this moment. It’s okay that you’re still awake. Sleep is a natural process; sooner or later the body will automatically fall asleep regardless of your conscious efforts. So why spend the effort?

Float in space, letting these words flow around you. It’s okay to be awake. It’s okay to have trouble sleeping every now and then. The body knows what it needs, and it will take control on its own.

If it helps you, consider that sleep is a natural process. Falling asleep is not like flipping a light switch. It is a smooth and gentle process, like a sunset. It is a gradual transition. The day’s activities fade into darkness. The world enters a dark period. Let this darkness happen. Let go of the world; let it spin on its own. Your mind will realize this – it will realize that the day is complete and the night has arrived. It will realize the time for rest has come. It may take some time, but soon your mind will get the message that it is time to shut off.

And as thoughts arise, let them rise, and let them dissolve. Let them fade into the darkness. Make it so as soon as a new thought emerges, it is already breaking up by the time you finish thinking it. New thoughts arise, new thoughts corrode. Each exhalation is another thought leaving your mind; each inhalation is a relaxing and tranquil.

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