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The Flow of Dreams

Life flows
Thoughts flow

Energy flows
Water flows

And your Consciousness also flows from state to state.

From wakefulness to sleep – where we enter a different flow.

The flow of Dreams

of another reality that is just in us.

In Our Minds Eye when our Consciousness flows to a different more surreal, and if you prepare yourself, well a more peaceful illusion than wakefulness.

For this Beditation

I invite you to find a very comfortable space.

A quiet space where you can release this reality.

You may sit in a very comfy chair where your head is supported.

Or you may lie down and close your eyes.

We will be moving from this illusion we refer to as reality.

Allowing our Consciousness to flow to another


breathe deeply

as breath Flows In and Out

Breath flowing in and out of your lungs.

Is the most natural most familiar flowing motion that never stops for us while we live

the stream of air flowing in

And flowing out of our chest and lungs.

Take a moment to relax into the flow of your breath.

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