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The Magic Of Nature

Hello, and welcome to your relaxation Beditation story…

It’s time to relax and allow yourself to drift off into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.

But before we begin, make sure you are feeling as comfortable as possible in your bed…

Using your pillows and blankets so that you feel warm, snug and relaxed

Start to take a slow, deep breath in… So that you can feel your belly expanding like a balloon…

Then breathe the air out with a soft sigh

Practice this once more, taking a slow deep breath in… Feeling your belly expand

Then breathing out with a sigh

And as you do this, imagine your body to becoming heavy, like a floppy rag doll

As though you are gently sinking into your bed

Your mattress feels so soft and comfortable…

As though your bed is giving you a big, warm hug

Soft. Comfortable Relaxed


I am going to count down from 5 to 1, and as I do, you will notice your body becoming more and more relaxed

1 – Your arms and legs are starting to feel loose and relaxed

2 – Allowing your head to sink into your pillow…

3 – Feeling heavier and heavier with relaxation Gently sinking into the comfort of your mattress


4 – It is a comfortable feeling, almost as though you couldn’t move even if you wanted too

5 – Feeling completely supported, completely comfortable, completely relaxed

As you enjoy this relaxed feeling, begin to notice how amazing the sound of your breath is

Listening to the soft change in sound as you breathe in And out

It sounds like small waves, breaking on the sand of a beach

Can you hear that?

Soft and rhythmic. Like gentle waves rolling in… and out

Imagine what this beach might look like

Clean white sand… Perfect for sandcastles

Calm blue waters… Perfect for swimming, or sailing a boat

Imagine yourself on this beachListen to the soft sound of the waves rolling in and out.

Picture yourself laying on a large blanket, it is soft and fluffy,

And stripped with all the colors of the rainbow

The sun is shining down on you, sending rays of warmth to gently tickle your skin…

Imagine the warmth spreading over your toes, and along your legs…

Warming your body and spreading out your arms to the tips of your fingers…

All the way up to the very top of your head

Feel the gentle, comforting warmth of the sun, spreading all over your body

Soothing, tingling warmth

Imagine yourself laying on this colorful blanket, looking up at the clear blue sky

There are small fluffy, white clouds floating lazily across it…

Notice how they form into different shapes

There is one that looks like a rabbit

And another that looks like a teddybear

That one looks like an elephant!

What other shapes can you see?

There is something magical about this beach

The sand sparkles like diamonds

The water looks clear and blue

The air is warm and comforting


This is a special beach because it is your beach…

A place you can visit any time you wish too

You only need to close your eyes to find it

Why don’t you explore this beach?

The golden-white sand, stretching as far as your eyes can see.

Seashells of all different colors, shapes and sizes lay nestled in the sand, like little pieces of treasure, waiting to be discovered

Why don’t you have a look and see what seashells you can find?

There are so many to collect…

They are many different shapes and sizes
Some are very small, and some are as big as your hand

There are orange ones and pink ones… Some are blue and some are green

Some of them seem to change color as you move them in the sunlight

There are so many to collect!

You can hear the small waves breaking on the sand
Slow and rhythmic Flowing in time with your breath

As you look away from the water, you notice that there is a tropical forest just up off the beach

There are palms trees, heavy with coconuts

There are vines thick with flowers…

And even some monkeys playing there
It looks very inviting!

As you look more closely, you see a pathway leading into the forest.

You place your collection of shells on your blanket and walk towards the forest…

You can hear the sounds of the different birds singing to each other

And very faintly, you hear the sound of water Perhaps there is a waterfall!


As you enter the forest, you can smell the sweet smells of flowers and fruits

The air is slightly cooler in here, but still warm and inviting

The sunlight streams in from the gaps in the trees above Lighting the path up like spotlights at a circus

The trees are so tall
With vines so thick you could swing from them!

There are ferns and bushes in wonderful shades of green

And colorful mushrooms growing along the edges of moss-covered rocks

If you look closely, you can even see the sparkle of fireflies sparkle, floating like fairies in the shadows of the trees

It is like a magical kingdom, and you wouldn’t be surprised to see elves or other magical creatures in a place like this

You follow the path along, listening to the sound of water falling over rocks becoming louder as you get closer to the waterfall

Then around the next corner, you see it!

The waterfall is falling from high up, creating white bubbles as it lands in the large, clear pool of water beneath it

It is so peaceful and beautiful

Beside the pond is a soft mossy area

Why don’t you sit here for a while and watch the waterfall?

You can see colorful fish swimming in the pool of water
And animal stopping to drink from the water’s edge…

The sound of the waterfall is rhythmic and refreshing

And you can feel it washing away all your worries…

Leaving you feeling completely safe…

Completely relaxed

You can continue to relax here… If you like.

Or perhaps you might like to explore more of the forest or your beach
You can choose to do anything you like…

As this is your magical place, and it is here for you to enjoy.